Windy City Rollers 2010 Season Posters
Posters for the 2010 season. Carrying on the direction of the home season posters to highlight some of our strong and athletic women representing the league, I decided to differentiate the All-Stars season posters from the home season posters by dropping the blue gradient background and including dynamic action shots of the skaters in the background.
Ruth Enasia: Captain, Manic Attackers
photo by Jamie Ramsay
Zombea Arthur: Hell's Belles
photo by Jamie Ramsay
Go-Go Hatchet: Captain, The Fury
photo by Jamie Ramsay
Georgia On Yer Behind: Captain, Double Crossers
photo by Mariah Karson
Beth Amphetamine, Captain, member of the Manic Attackers

photos by Gil Leora & Theresa Scarbrough
Hoosier Mama, member of the All-Stars

photos by Gil Leora
Athena DeCrime, member of the All-Stars

photos by Gil Leora
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