Evolving the campaign for the 2012 season meant highlighting the skaters and promoting women sports at the same time. The Windy City Rollers also wanted to push their identity even further with the mantra "We Are Roller Derby" and continue to break down the myths that the sport isn't real.

Photos by Gil Leora
Bork Bork Bork and Ruth Enasia of Manic Attackers; Sunshine N Painbows of Double Crossers
Yvette YourMaker of The Fury; Mya Ssault of Hell's Belles
Deb Autry of Hell's Belles; Alisin Chains of Manic Attackers
Terror Byte of The Fury; Cruel Whip of Double Crossers
Julia Rosenwinkel of Double Crossers, Tay Q Down of Hell's Belles
Wreck N Shrew of Manic Attackers; Kola Loka of The Fury
Georgia On Yer Behind, Sargentina and Amy Nomamey of WCR All-Stars

Abbey of Second Wind
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